The year 2015 will over in a few days. Time really flies when you"re having fun, and it"s been a good long & fun ride with Running Man. Throughout the year, Running Man has provided us with some of the funniest laughing material week in, week out. Since it"s the over of the year, it"s definitely a perfect time khổng lồ take a look back at some of the episodes that stood out in 2015.I did a similar các mục for the past 2 years, which you can kiểm tra out here:Top 10 of 2013Top 10 of 2014I have to make a lưu ý here that what constitutes a "great" Running Man episode (to me, at least) is how entertained I was from watching it. Running Man is, after all, a variety show & variety shows are supposed lớn be a source of entertainment & laughs. That"s what I deem to lớn be a good Running Man episode, & why I chose the episodes in this vị trí cao nhất 10 list.Without further ado, here are the đứng top 10 Running Man episodes in 2015, in the order that they were aired. All these episodes selected are in my very humble opinion, so should you have your own, don"t hesitate khổng lồ leave a bình luận below!Note: The final episode of the year (ep. 279) is not included in the các mục because the English subs hasn"t come out at the time of writing.

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#10 Running Man Yoomes Bond"s Successor (Ep 231)

Yoomes Bond makes a fantastic return into the world of spies and water guns, và along for the ride is a possible successor, Lee Kwang-soo. This episode stands out in terms of the variety of games it has to offer, while the earlier 2 Yoomes Bond specials focused more of searching for items.

With the bumbling Kwang-soo making almost a huge mess of all this eliminations, it"s also more refreshing lớn watch each elimination with a different perspective from the much more professional and experienced Jae-suk.

Of course, the ending is more or less as expected of the Icon of Betrayal, and it ends up being one of the better Yoomes Bond specials around.


What happens when you throw the greatest underdogs in the idol world into a big stage like Running Man? This episode, apparently. Dubbed the Hidden Variety Gem Race, and featuring idol guests who made it huge with their respective groups but have rarely appeared on variety shows, this episode gave them all a chance to lớn shine.
And what better way to shine than to throw them into a gigantic mud field (for their visual gags) and the brutal game of nametag ripping on the show that made it all possible.
If anything, this episode featured guests who were down and ready to lớn showcase what they had to offer, và despite being hidden gems all this while, managed to lớn pull off enough wit và humor khổng lồ make this episode a great one to watch.
Good guests make a great episode, & it cannot be more true in this episode. With an amazingly diverse cast of pretty faces, like
Yerin (G-Friend), Hani (EXID), Jung So-min, nam giới Ji-hyun and Yoo So-hee, you could almost be forgiven for thinking that this was one of those episodes which featured guests that were shy and laid back.
But from the first whistle onwards, and the rest of the episode, the girls were competitive, strong, & gave enough variety spirit lớn scare the Running Man members. It was quite surprising to lớn see how competitive they were, because they went all out to win the games with their respective partners. It"s good to lớn see guests who are so eager và active khổng lồ win.
And who could forget Yerin"s moment of variety glory? This will forever be one of my favorite Running Man moments ever!
One of the best things about Running Man is trying their best to win over each other in the missions & races. But what if the mission was lớn make sure that the weakest thành viên (aka Big Nose Hyung) reached his goal of 100 points and victory?
This sets up one of the most hilarious episodes of the year with everyone trying their best lớn help Suk-jin win; a task so monumentally difficult because it"s Suk-jin. The games tested each and every one of the members because they weren"t playing to win, but to help Big Nosed Hyung win. The guests were amazing as well, the all rounded Kim Woo-bin, the surprisingly hilarious Kang Ha-neul và the cool Junho from 2PM.
This episode also included an amazing nametag ripping trò chơi between the Running Man members và the Hunters, which was made more challenging by the fact that they couldn"t let Suk-jin get ousted while also making sure that he had lớn tear off 2 nametags with his own hands.
The finish of the episode was nothing less than what Suk-jin would do. You have to lớn watch the episode khổng lồ find out because it"s better not to lớn be spoiled.#6 Running Man Tricking the Giraffe (Ep 247)

The Running Man members have a very chất lượng relationship defined by a mixture of friendship & betrayals. No one is more aware of this fact than the Icon of Betrayal, Lee Kwang-soo, who has over the years betrayed his fellow members so many times that they might actually be wary of him in real life. So what happens when the Icon of Betrayal becomes the Icon of Betrayed?
Well, in tune with one of Running Man"s classic episodes, the Tru-Gary Show in episode 66, this episode focuses on how the members exact their revenge on the Giraffe; by tricking him into thinking he won the entire episode. This is easier said than done, with the missions being difficult in themselves.
Still, the kết thúc result is very satisfying lớn watch, especially when you see the members" relief at getting back at the betrayer.
This episode also showcases Kwang-soo"s House Raid, where the members barge into Kwang-soo"s house to show the world what he has going on. It"s really worth the watch.#5 Running Man x Big Bang: Time Warriors (Ep 250)

The biggest idol guests appear on Running Man in their second outing together as a full group; as Big Bang literally comes back from the past khổng lồ fight for a chance khổng lồ return to lớn their own time. This premise isn"t anything new, but the way the games are played & with TOP & G-Dragon both trying their best to lớn maintain their cool, it came together as a surprisingly good episode overall.
That being said, the only comparison was khổng lồ the previous Big Bang snoozefest, which only consisted of Bells Hide và Seek. This time, the boys were given a bigger chance khổng lồ showcase their skills & variety talents. Like who knew that TOP"s face would be the best looking one even though it slammed through a plastic sheet?
There was also a 18+ moment of taking off poor Taeyang"s pants. And a completely naked Commander. Yes, this happened on a variety show.
This was a good, solid and fun outing for the Big Bang boys. GD even promised to lớn return lớn the show. If this episode is any indication, let"s hope that episode is soon.
Running Man has a real knack for horror themed episodes, và this is no different. The only complaint I have about episode 261 is that it is split into 2 parts, a continuation of the previous week"s Millionaire Club episode and one of the most legit scary horror themed episodes on Running Man.
The mission is so simple: go into an abandoned girl"s high school and find your nametags. The catch is that each thành viên has to lớn find both his or her nametag, as well as the nametag of their cameraman who has worked tirelessly running alongside throughout the past 5 years.
The events that transpire in the half an hour can honestly leave you in stitches, while also cowering in fear. In true haunted house fashion, the members are all scared silly by jumpscares, nhảy ghosts, mother ghosts pushing baby prams, dead scholars, the works.
The thing about the Running Man members is that all of them are extremely chicken about the prospect of a haunted house (with the exception of maybe Ji-hyo because of her role in Whispering Corridors) và to put them in that situation with no other means of escape definitely gives them a ghost of a time.
It"s a known fact that most fans watch Running Man because of one thing; the amazing cast interaction. The seven members have bonded so well on the show that watching them week in, week out isn"t so much as a chore as it is to see what they are getting themselves up to.
Think Big Bang Theory, Friends, How I Met Your Mother etc. So what better way than lớn showcase this fact than to put all seven members in a house và try to get them to play nice with each other.
The mission for this episode actually involves unanimous teamwork, in which all members have lớn complete the task in unanimous fashion. In between the Monday Couple"s puzzle, khổng lồ the foot volleyball và a lot of hilarious forehead slap punishments, this episode doesn"t showcase that much of the "Running" aspect of the show.
Instead, it gives us a more intimate look at how the 7 members have grown since the show began 5 years ago, và it"s extremely heartwarming lớn watch.
Running Man has ways of surprising its viewers. The 100 v 100 episode was one such surprise. Running Man always aimed to bởi vì bigger và better, and this episode was an example of the lofty ambitions the producers were planning to reach.
But there was so many factors that could have made an episode of this magnitude go south. The fact that the members themselves had to lớn recruit the guests was a potential problem in itself, but there was also the distribution of screentime for 100 people, the logistics of playing games, the nametag ripping finale. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, but Running Man played it perfectly.
From the entertaining interviews which enabled guests lớn not only introduce themselves, but also to lớn show off their various talents, khổng lồ the games which gave everyone a fair chance to play regardless of gender or age, the exciting nametag ripping battle at the end, và special stages from the likes of the adorable G-Friend & UEE, this episode did everything right.
Not many variety shows can juggle so many guests at once và still make them all shine in their own way. Kudos lớn the Running Man members themselves who did their best to make all the guests feel at home, & especially Jae-suk for his commendable effort in keeping the interviewees and guests entertained throughout.
A zombie special that was a hark back to lớn the days of the older Running Man specials. Despite the obvious scripting in this special which made the whole episode feel more like a mini TV movie, the gags were hilarious & the cast were well into their respective roles. Taking a page out of the classic zombie movies, the PDs were very careful to script an episode which showcased many of the typical zombie tropes, with an obvious twist of course.
The best thing to lớn happen is the transformation of several of the Running Man members into their zombie counterparts. Suk-jin, in particular worked his zombie charms the best, and his leadership of the undead horde will go down as one of the greatest moments on Running Man.
Another good thing that came out of this episode is the fact that you can always rely on Kim Jong-kook in whatever situation. Even zombies are afraid of him.
In an episode so full of zombies, there was undoubtedly a lot of moments to lớn savor; like the Shoulder Brothers nhảy to Michael Jackson"s Thriller, or Ji-hyo putting up against an zombie attack by herself.
Do you agree with the top 10 danh sách above, or vì chưng you think I missed out something, somewhere? Maybe I missed out a favorite episode of yours which you think deserves a spot on this list? Which are YOUR vị trí cao nhất episodes from 2015? Leave a comment below!It"s only 4 more days to the new year 2016. Since this is the last Running Mondays post of the year, I just want to take this chance to lớn thank all of you for your support and for reading. & of course, a very Happy New Year everyone! Here"s to lớn more Running Man goodness next year!Cheerios!
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Running Man: Episode 250

by gummimochi


Who better is there khổng lồ come & play this week on Running Man’s 250th episode than BIGBANG. These Roman gladiators will face off Joseon-era merchants in a race khổng lồ return khổng lồ their respective timelines. It’s time to shed the pristine idol image (and maybe even some layers) to lớn give us an uproariously hilarious episode this week. Only one team will make it back—who will it be?

EPISODE 250. Broadcast on June 7, 2015.


What better way lớn introduce mega group BIGBANG than with car drifts. Led by Jong-kook, these Roman gladiators include: G-Dragon (or GD,), Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, và Seung-ri.

Haha can’t help but be left breathless by GD, asking the latter khổng lồ be his son’s godfather. If only, good man. If. Only. Thank goodness Daesung has finally gotten rid of the bangs which covered half his face, but his humor is still very much the same. Now that he’s not running with the handsome guy image (because you couldn’t see his face then), he’s reverted back to lớn his “ugly” image.

After acknowledging that answer from GD sounds cool & TOP’s voice has gotten even lower, we establish our two teams: the Running Man Joseon-era merchants vs the BIGBANG (plus Jong-kook) gladiators. Jong-kook: “You all look like Hong Gil-dong!”


In order to lớn travel back to lớn their respective historical timelines, today’s race is entitled “Time Track.” Only the victors will be able to lớn return home, và winning the two initial games will put them at an advantage for the final mission. What’s more is that both Jae-suk & Haha are familiar with the race track they’re on (thanks lớn Infinite Challenge).

When Taek PD says that will prove advantageous, Jong-kook voices his disbelief.

At their first destination the teams are met with a mat of various-sized gears, & whoa—they move at different speeds. Here they’ll become human cuckoo birds; the PD will điện thoại tư vấn out a time, they’ll run & smash their faces into & through the plastic wrap. Pfft, that ought to lớn get us some hilarious screencaps. The first team lớn succeed in this, wins.


Daesung jokes that this trò chơi will ruin his recent “handsome guy” image, only to lớn be teased that his golden locks makes him look like a foreigner. It might’ve been nearly three years already, but the memory of GD “ruining his image” on variety is still fresh on my mind.

Everyone starts hopping across the board as soon as the whistle blows. đứng đầu gets there first while Jong-kook acts as a human barricade. Thanks lớn his help, vị trí cao nhất succeeds calling out the right time (9 o’clock).

Taeyang is the first lớn reach the plastic wrap clock in the second round, but sadly he doesn’t remember what the time was. Oh no! He starts calling it out anyway, & when Kwang-soo tries to cover his mouth, he chomps down. Owwww.


That spurs on a biting parade, và then GD swoops in to gọi out the correct time before collapsing onto the ground. The cast realizes that they must vì something about Jong-kook, so they plan on attacking him 3:1. But Jong-kook has a plan of his own too, so Seung-ri & Taeyang volunteer khổng lồ bow out of the brawl.

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After learning Taeyang’s secret lớn his moist hair (“I just put water on it”) Haha and Gary follow suit. While Jong-kook is held back, Taeyang runs forward to lớn poke his head through. He isn’t above biting again, then calls out the right number.

Haha shows off his injuries lớn the staff — who seem legit astonished — only for Taeyang khổng lồ pull him back.


We skip ahead to lớn when it’s Jong-kook & Daesung vs. Four of the merchants remaining. Jong-kook runs up ahead khổng lồ create a barricade for Daesung, who is temporarily delayed by spinning gears. He tries khổng lồ claw his way in, only to be pulled backwards by the Easy Brothers.

Jae-suk & Suk-jin try khổng lồ poke their way through in the chaos, & it’s Jae-suk who finally gets through.

Daesung finally rushes ahead the next time, & would you get a look of that glorious face? He gets pulled back but gets back in the game and succeeds.


With Jong-kook as the last remaining contender, the RM cast concedes an early defeat. Jae-suk is sure that someone among the trio will betray the others. As expected, Jong-kook charges ahead lớn grab the win.

The gladiators are allowed to lớn choose one of two racing passes; they choose “water,” leaving “carbonated drinks” to lớn the merchants. For the second set, they go with “straight” vs a “curve.”

Something Daesung said makes đứng top giddy and happy, which is just plain adorable. After sharing his frustrations about trying to lớn poke his way through the plastic wrap, he và the others try và decipher what these passes mean.


It couldn’t be as simple as driving in a straight line or with cars, & Daesung wonders if the staff will try to lớn tie them together into a six-legged unit. In the other car, Suk-jin complains how hot it is in here. He has good reason to, because Jae-suk turned on the heated seat function for him. Hahaha.

Cut to: BIGBANG passed out in the car. Aww, poor fellas.

Their second mission takes place in a stream where they’ll be playing a 5 vs. 5 spongeball basketball. And if the previews are any indication, some will thảm bại some layers (and maybe their boxer briefs) in the scuffle.


Only GD could make wearing a towel on one’s head look fashionable và pretty. Daesung makes the first basket with a slam dunk and Taeyang follows with another shot. Determined to lớn impress, Gary gets possession of the ball, & goes for the layup… that hits the rim và out.

TOP then scores a slam dunk, leaving Ji-hyo thoroughly impressed. The score 3:0 in favor of BIGBANG, Kwang-soo tries throwing the ball behind him. Too bad Seung-ri picks it up and Taeyang goes for the long shot. It goes in. Oh yeah, fantastic baby.


Jae-suk subs in for Suk-jin, who then cheers for BIGBANG out of spite. Despite being on the bench, Suk-jin goes ahead with interference, which allows the RM cast to lớn score their first point.

Citing that he’s unaware of what his hand does, Jong-kook gladly suggests that that hand meet his fist then.

When Taeyang’s basket is pushed back out and the other team scores, Jong-kook makes a complaint. The score remains, & Jong-kook threatens khổng lồ use American football tactics against them.


Doing so allows GD lớn score another point followed by another. Ever the icon of rule-breaking, Kwang-soo smacks Jong-kook’s head with the spongeball before throwing it in khổng lồ grab his team’s third point.

He gives a showy apology after it, which is met with a barrage of hits. Kwang-soo gets his physical revenge moments later, beating down on Jong-kook.

Then later đứng đầu throws the ball và gets an assist from Daesung. It’s a great one-two punch basket — rewind, replay!


Not long after Daesung tells the viewers that he is no longer the heodang character lượt thích he was on Family Outing, he trips và falls into the water. Smoooth. Và his second attempt to steal the ball from behind ends up with him in the water again.

In the umpteenth attempt lớn steal the ball away, GD and Kwang-soo kết thúc up in the deeper end of the river. A little while later, the score is 10:9 in favor of the gladiators, and Suk-jin misses the rebound by a hair.

GD receives the ball khổng lồ score another point, và it isn’t long before he’s caught in another scuffle with Kwang-soo. Somewhere in the pile-up, Jong-kook cries at them not to lớn pull down his pants, but it’s too late—they’re already off.


Jong-kook has no choice but to lớn sit in the water pant-less, then Taeyang is their next target. Holy crap, there must be a fangirl fainting out there somewhere. Daesung’s attempt to return them is blocked by an interception, & the distraction lets the RM cast score another point.

GD is targeted soon enough, but somehow Taeyang reclaims his pants in time lớn help him. Jae-suk ties up the score 11:11, earning him the new nickname Yoo-bron James. Jong-kook is on his knees asking for his pants back.

Despite the others letting that moment sink in, Jong-kook is still plenty scary with his shirt wrapped around his hips. Then Jong-kook gets his revenge by pulling Kwang-soo’s pants down.


To make matters worse, he’s holding onto three people by now, allowing vị trí cao nhất to tie up the score again 13:13. The teams only need to make two more baskets each khổng lồ win.

The merchant scores a point, và before Jong-kook can pass off the ball, Kwang-soo pulls down the shirt wrapped around him too. Why hello gray underwear.

One ripped shirt later… but wait, that’s Kwang-soo with the aforementioned underwear! Is Jong-kook… naked underneath the water?! Jae-suk: “Here, we’ll dry it for you.” & so they hang it on a mic boom. AHAHAHAHA.


With Jong-kook temporarily on the bench, we rejoin the trò chơi at 14:14. Eventually Haha gets the ball in to lớn snag another point and the win. At least the ripped clothes gives us a nice look at Spartakook’s pecs.

Afterward, Jae-suk tells him to cover himself up—this is a family show, after all. The RM cast chooses “short” and “big”, then it’s off to lớn the final mission.

It’s sunset by the time they arrive at the track, where they’re told of the final obstacle race. Jong-kook explains how they can’t “go” if they don’t succeed the mini-mission, to lớn which Daesung asks: “Home?” Jong-kook: “No, driving to the next station.” Ha, can you blame the kid?


Furthermore, they’ll be picking up one of the passes they’ve acquired today at each station. They’re told of said stations ahead of time, including downing either sodas or waters, weaving through (or walking straight) on abacuses, circling around lớn make sure their long or short sticks don’t fall, and lastly destroying a structure khổng lồ retrieve the bundle lying on top.

Once they arrive at the finish line, all of their team members must get and climb into the one oto that will take theme back khổng lồ their respective point in history.

Jong-kook: “Say if we both arrive at the same time, it’ll turn into a brawl.” Taek PD: “Do whatever you like.” Haha: “Why would you say that?” Taeyang: “What if they try pulling his pants down again?”


Our gladiators feel confident that they’ve made the right choices for this mission. Looking at top from the other car, Suk-jin wonders if he should copy his hairstyle. Kwang-soo: “You vị have the same hairstyle as him.” It just, you know, gives off a different vibe.

Both cars gun it as soon as the light turns green. Jong-kook pulls ahead but the passengers in both cars are left impressed at how their drivers maneuvers those tight corners.

Everyone piles out at the first station, and the merchants get khổng lồ work in downing their sodas. Even though top is faster in drinking his water, the playing field evens out because they must successfully flip their cups before moving on lớn the next person.


Given how well Jong-kook and Taeyang flip their cups over, one can only wonder if they’ve played this drinking trò chơi before. Kwang-soo is still drinking his when Seung-ri flips his cup over. He và the others make a run for it.

At the second station, GD hops out as the team rep to roll his way in a straight shot on abacuses. The RM cast isn’t that far behind, & whoa—Gary’s pretty speedy.

Rolling his way past the finish line, GD rejoins his team, who is momentarily stalled when Jae-suk parks right in front of them. But Jae-suk arrives khổng lồ the third station moments after they do. Here, five from each team must hand off their sticks khổng lồ the next person without dropping them until they make a full rotation.


After a few failed attempts, both teams think of tipping their sticks toward the following person. Both teams gọi out their final hand-offs simultaneously—the gladiators succeed; the RM cast doesn’t.

The gladiators arrive at the fourth station where Jong-kook và TOP immediately throw themselves into the structure. Jae-suk and Kwang-soo aren’t that far behind, và just as đứng top tries to lớn grab his team’s bundle, a few of the other blocks fall on đứng top of him. Ouuch.


Both teams retrieve their bundles và run back, và now it’s the final spurt. Just as Jong-kook turns the final corner, we see Jae-suk not too far off. Who will get into that oto first?

Everyone piles out & as expected, things turn into a brawl in the jeep. All the gladiators apart from Daesung are inside, the latter busy pinning Kwang-soo in a leglock. Kwang-soo persists, however, grabbing onto Daesung’s legs…

… then Jong-kook finally pushes him away. Once the door closes, it’s official: the gladiators have won. They whoop over returning to Rome & yell, “Sparta!” Er, y’all should probably kiểm tra your history textbooks.


Then it’s back lớn the past, then to the closing where vị trí cao nhất comments on how nice it is to have all his team members here with him today. Seung-ri says it’s just nice lớn appear on Korean TV (he’s mainly been working in japan and appearing on variety shows there).

Daesung says it’s good to lớn see his fellow Family Outing hyungs, and GD promises to come back whenever they get invited over to lớn play again. Please do—we’ll be waiting.