Trust Mariah Carey to lớn launch a meme with a single throwaway line. The pop star was being interviewed by German outlet Taff (via You
Tube) in 2009 when Jennifer Lopez came up. "I don"t know her," Carey responded, shaking her head and smiling sweetly. 

As the Evening Standard points out, there was no way Carey didn"t know Lopez, who was hugely famous for both her singing & acting careers by then as well as being a fellow thủ đô new york native. The "Heartbreaker" hit-maker subsequently told a radio interviewer, "I don"t know the woman," before hinting at underlying issues between the two.

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Vanity Fair details how the moment caught fire years later, in 2016, with everybody from Martha Stewart to Alex Rodriguez, Lopez"s former flame, seemingly partaking. More often than not, celebrities aren"t actually throwing shade, but, in the case of Carey, it"s tough to argue she wasn"t, especially since the singer repeatedly reiterated her position. 

Per the Standard, she also teased it out with TMZ in 2016 by telling reporters, "I still don"t know her," before hopping into a car. During an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" that same year, Carey expressed irritation at the fact that people still care about an off-the-cuff comment she made years ago. 

It wasn"t enough, though, và the superstar singer was soon tasked with explaining herself more fully. 

Everything Mariah Carey does is iconic, so it stands to reason that an offhand phản hồi she made about Jennifer Lopez would become a meme. 

As W magazine notes, the legendary singer"s hilarious response khổng lồ a question about Lopez was swiftly adopted by the internet và has lived on in the years since in a way that even Carey herself probably didn"t envision. She"s mostly taken it in good humor, though, shouting out a fan hâm mộ who was wearing an "I don"t know her" shirt at one of Carey"s gigs.

When Pitchfork asked whether she"s aware of the memes, the "Fantasy" hit-maker responded, "Some of them, yes. It is what it is. You have to embrace it." As for what she actually meant about Lopez, Carey explained, "I really was trying to say something nice or say nothing at all. I really was." 

Although it"s tough seeing the moment being endlessly picked apart, Carey tries not to lớn get too swept up in it, admitting, "I don"t know how people read comments all the time & then survive."

Thankfully, she has a strong "support system" around her, she says, which helps Carey differentiate between what really matters & what doesn"t. At the same time, though, stories of a beef between the two singers have circulated for years, per The U.S. Sun. 

Jon Kopaloff và Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty
Although Mariah Carey swears she wasn"t trying to shade Jennifer Lopez with her "I don"t know her" comment, there have long been rumblings of a feud between the two superstars. 

In her memoir, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," she hinted that the issue between them began with the release of her 2001 movie "Glitter" và accompanying single "Loverboy." According khổng lồ Carey, her ex-husband and former Sony Music CEO, Tommy Mottola, purposely sabotaged the release and put J-Lo"s "I"m Real" above it.

In an extract published by Too
Fab, Carey revealed, "He was angry about the divorce và my departure from Sony, và he used all his power & connections khổng lồ punish me." Carey sampled "Firecracker" by Yellow Magic Orchestra in "Loverboy," and, as she tells it, "After hearing my new song, using the same sample I used, Sony rushed to make a single for another female entertainer on their label (whom I don"t know)." 

Suffice khổng lồ say, then, Carey does know Lopez even if, as Bravo"s The Daily Dish reports, she claims lớn not know several other pop stars, including Madonna và Ariana Grande. 

Moreover, per the Evening Standard, she used the "I don"t know her" defense in relation to Demi Lovato, who described Carey"s treatment of Lopez as "nasty." Lovato argued: "She should come up, introduce herself lớn me, say, "Here"s my opinion, what vày you think about it?""

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For her part, Jennifer Lopez has remained reticent about discussing their alleged feud in interviews. When the subject was brought up by Wendy Williams, Lopez acknowledged (via E! News), "She"s forgetful I guess! We"ve met many times. I don"t know ... I don"t know her that well." 

Elsewhere, Lopez told Andy Cohen in an interview on "Watch What Happens Live" that they weren"t close. She also explained the origins of their feud, sharing, "I think it"s kind of from word of mouth of things that have happened in the past that I"m not really aware of."

The "Jenny from the Block" hit-maker remains hopeful that the two could work things out eventually, though. Lopez confirmed she has no issue whatsoever with Carey. "I would love to be friends with her," she stated emphatically. "I think she"s incredibly talented & I"ve always been a tín đồ of hers." 

She added that it upsets her lớn hear negative things about the two of them, particularly all these years later. Per Showbiz Cheat
Sheet, nowadays, both women are on the same page in the sense that just because they aren"t BFFs doesn"t mean they hate each other. 

Mariah Carey claims she didn’t mean anything by her quote about Jennifer Lopezthat has since become a meme.

It all started in the early 2000s when Carey was asked by a thành viên of the paparazzi about the triple threat star. She replied pointblank, “I don’t know her.”The shade happened at a time when there was a rumored rift going on between the “Hero” singer and the “I’m Real” artist.

In a new interview with Pitchfork, Carey insists that the comment wasn’t meant as a diss.

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" really was trying to lớn say something nice or say nothing at all. I really was,” she notes.

As for the response to lớn her now iconic quote, Carey adds, " try to stay away from it because you can’t drown in that. I don’t know how people read comments all the time and then survive."

The 48-year-old chart topper has no problem embracing her diva image, noting, " mean, look, it’s part of me. If you’re gonna get dressed up & do a show, why not just have fun và go there?"

Though she claims to lớn have tried khổng lồ show a more down khổng lồ earth side to lớn her personality, Carey adds that she ultimately gave into the diva lifestyle.

" love a little zhuzh. I tried so hard for so long for people to know that I’m a real person and not this diva thing that they tried to create about me, or this unapproachable person from years gone by,” she explains. " at the end of the day, nobody cares. They really don’t. They’re gonna have their perception of you."

Carey seems lớn be singing a different tune these days when it comes lớn Lopez. Back in 2016, the mother of two was again asked about the 49-year-old entertainerwhile on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, and how her fellow diva claimed they had in fact met.

", I" forgetful because I don" remember the fact that it was just like, ", I" so and so." và then move on," Carey argued. " I have never had a conversation with you & someone asked me about you, I" be like, " don" know him, but he seems cool.""

" she seem cool?" Cohen asked.

" don" know her, what am I supposed to lớn say?" Carey replied, without mentioning Lopez" name during the conversation.

Here" more with the pop divas:

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