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hero vs The Elite: 5 Ways The DCAU Film Differs From The Comic (& 5 Things That Remain The Same)
The DCAU film & the comics tell the story of hero facing some of his worst foes. Here are some differences & similarities between the two.

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Action Comics #775 became the subject matter for the DC Animated Universe film, Superman vs The Elite. What remained the same & what changed, between the comic và film adaptation?

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Action Comics #775 originally titled, "What"s So Funny About Truth, Justice và The American Way??", tells the story of siêu anh hùng being seemingly outshined by a grew up of rogue vigilantes, who refer khổng lồ themselves as "The Elite". The son of Krypton must find a way lớn stop these violent anti-heroes from wreaking havoc among the good people of Metropolis. This captivating story of heroism through non-violence made its way into the DC Animated Universe. Superman vs The Elite became a well renowned DC Animated film. Here 5 things that changed in the DCAU film, and 5 that remained the same.

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Besides the obvious telling that the Man of Steel takes on The Elite, they seemingly begin khổng lồ help at the beginning of the film. This "helping" is to throw superman off the trail of them being murderous vigilantes, but the idea that they are good guys rings true.

They take down some alien beasts right alongside Superman, to show off their powerful skills. This good guy persona of theirs keeps on throughout the majority of the film. Supes even takes this helping as genuine right from their first intro, but The Elite are all nothing but bloody savages in issue #775. There is no mistaking that as they even kill Gorilla Grodd.


From Manchester Black"s telepathic ability khổng lồ The Hat"s magical hat khổng lồ Coldcast"s electric power and Menageri"s creepy symbeasts, The Elite remains the same from the DCAU film lớn the comic.

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There is no differing in the exact powers that each member of The Elite uses. There are even frame by frame moments where those powers lend a hand lớn Superman, while also being used to lớn destroy him. All of their character names and aliases bởi no waiver. Not that The Elite have aliases (as they prefer the direct approach), but the comic lớn film adaptation keeps true.


The Atomic Skull, one of Superman"s more notable villains, plays a pivotal part in the antagonist role for both Superman & The Elite, in the animated film. The Atomic Skull appears in the set-up fight in the film. After a power nguồn surge disrupts the prison in which he is kept, the skull breaks out khổng lồ seek his revenge on the lot. The Elite arrives lớn aid in Superman"s fight, only lớn be almost beaten.

After the battle between all parties ends in the death of a civilian"s father, Manchester takes it upon himself khổng lồ carry out the skull"s execution. The ultimate demise of The Atomic Skull leads to anh hùng understanding the murderous villainy that The Elite is.


Both the comic và film adaptation see Superman and The Elite appear at the famous lair, the Fortress of Solitude. The Fortress of Solitude plays the part of Superman"s off-world headquarters. While in the comic, tráng sĩ finds himself feverishly using his supercomputer khổng lồ find out everything he can about The Elite, the film lends to lớn more tension by The Elite showing up lớn the fortress lớn further agitate Superman.

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John Henry Irons, aka Steel, makes an appears in the comic khổng lồ lecture siêu anh hùng about his obsession with the vigilantes. Whereas, we see Superman"s robotic underlings in the Fortress of Solitude, in the film adaptation.

The DCAU film contains a big plot point in awarding a look at how Manchester đen attained his powers. He had been going through abuse from his father & having to take care of his sister, which leads lớn a sort of "rooting" for the anti-hero.

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Manchester complains about having headaches which lead to lớn his telekinetic powers getting a jump-start when his sister, Vera Black, is almost hit by a train. The problem is Black"s sister tells a completely different story lớn Lois Lane. She understands how violent Manchester can be, và sets out to lớn help Lane và Superman destroy him.

The titular final battle still takes place in the DCAU animated film, just as it takes place in the comic. Anh hào is thrust against The Elite on a faraway moon. The Elite agrees khổng lồ take on anh kiệt on neutral ground, proving that they bởi vì contain within them some semblance of humanity. Manchester teleports his team and Superman to a moon, where an epic battle ensues.

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The Elite seemingly beat the Kryptonian lớn a bloody pulp, only with a lot less blood in the animated feature. Superman fights his way into being "beaten", before he hatches his ultimate plan, making Manchester think that he has given up his boy scout ways và turned khổng lồ kill. This, of course, is not the case as siêu nhân dispatches the villainous troupe by knocking each one of them out.

While telekinetic powers are nothing khổng lồ scoff at, the DCAU feature wanted to go for a more cartoon-based likeness of Manchester Black. His slenderer figure và purple lips gave more so to lớn the idea that he was menacing, but not nearly as violent. Which turns out isn"t true, as he quickly dispatches all that stand before him.

The comic version does have a grittier image that matches more with the pure violence of Black. The animated feature went for a slightly less intimidating factor, leaning more on the mental nguồn prowess of the villain.

"Bunny" is used in both the comic and Superman vs The Elite. The ship acts as the teleporter between dimensions for The Elite. The Elite mercilessly devoid Bunny of all things living about her & in her to lớn make sure the vessel does as they say.

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They use this intergalactic vessel to lớn travel between worlds to evade the tracking by Superman, even while his supercomputer does its best lớn track down the murderous foes. Bunny exacts her revenge in the animated film, as she agrees to help anh dũng teleport Manchester"s team away from his prying eyes, for being able to lớn return khổng lồ her home planet.

What would be a siêu anh hùng comic without the biggest antagonist in DC comics? Of course, the big siêu anh hùng baddie #1, Lex Luthor, makes an appearance in the comic story. It is only natural for Luthor khổng lồ find a way khổng lồ exploit the harrowing journey that siêu nhân must go on.

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Instead of being a possible voice of reason for the pure mayhem that The Elite has brought upon Metropolis, Luthor would rather let the two superpowers fight with one another, & claim victory overall at the end. The Atomic Skull playing the other leading antagonist of the film leaves little screen time for Luthor.

There is some obvious redundancy in stating that siêu nhân has triumphed over evil, but it is in the way that he triumphs in this important story. Anh hào uses his strength (but mostly his brain) lớn trick Manchester & The Elite into thinking he had gone to the evil side.

By showing the world that resorting khổng lồ violence và malice was the wrong turn khổng lồ take, he was able khổng lồ dispatch The Elite in two ways. He defeated them và also proved that their murderous vigilante ways would not work any longer. Once a boy scout, always a boy scout.

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David Kaufman (Actor), George Newbern (Actor), Michael Chang (Director) và 0 more Rated:
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I just took a look at a relatively recent animated anh dũng film, anh kiệt vs. The Elite. I am very glad I did. This has been, without a doubt, one of the best Superman truyền thông media in recent years, & one of the best representations of the character that I have ever seen.The plot of this animated feature is based on one particular issue of the comic series, & a relatively recent one at that. Taken from action Comics #775, "Whatever Happened to lớn Truth, Justice, và the American Way?", written by Joe Kelly back in 2001. Kelly himself wrote the adaptation, so he pretty much gives his approval on the faithfulness of that adaptation since he did himself. The plot of this film (and by extension, the comic book on which it is based) is that anh hùng must giảm giá khuyến mãi with this new team of superhuman antiheroes called the Elite. The elite are led by Manchester Black, who has telekinetic & telepathic abilities. The other members are Coldcast, who can manipulate electromagnetic energy; the Hat, who possesses a magical hat from which he can summon demons & other things; và Menagerie, who has access to lớn some sort of symbiotic alien life size that summon và control alien creatures from her body. The Elite are of the persuasion that superheroes who simply turn in criminals to prison, as opposed to killing them outright, are being too soft on evil, with anh hùng being the metaphorical embodiment of this ideology. Lớn this end, the Elite make use of lethal force when combating their enemies, in direct opposition to lớn Superman & his methods. The world, it seems, are on the side of the Elite, và they want more permanent solutions khổng lồ problems like criminals and violence. Anh kiệt begins to lớn question his place in the world, & whether or not his ideals are outdated in an ever-changing world. A climactic showdown is imminent, of both powers and ideologies, as the Elite prove a formidable test of not only Superman"s abilities, but also the very bộ vi xử lý core of his morals.This film has great art direction and style. It is very similar lớn what we"ve seen before from the DCAU, but distinctive enough for its own look. Superman, for the most part, looks pretty good, although, his massive chin makes him look like genetic fusion of Jay Leno & Bruce Campbell. The voice cast, as is per the norm with DC in general & these animated pictures, his stellar, & a phối of the old and the new. George Newbern returns as the Man of Steel, back from the Justice League animated series. As here as it was there, Newbern can perfectly convey both Superman"s authority and strength with his human vulnerability. Another returning DCAU alum, David Kaufman as Jimmy Olsen also does good, although he only gets a few throwaway lines. Pauley Perrette (whom you may recognize as Abby from NCIS) acts as a good replacement for Dana Delany, conveying both the sternness và caring of Lois Lane/Kent. Robin Atkin Downes also does really well as Manchester Black. His English accent is sick, but not lớn the point of being not understandable, although I will admit that a few of the British idioms that he used went over my head, but that"s not a big deal. The rest of the cast does pretty good as well, with some people I haven"t heard of, và other veteran voice actors like Dee Bradley Baker, Tara Strong, & Fred Tatasciore.The opening credits have an interesting feel. It"s a montage of old-time tráng sĩ footage (like from the Ruby-Spears cartoons and even the George Reeves serials) against 1980s pop-culture art lượt thích that of Roy Lichtenstein. We gives a very appropriate introduction of both the home watch two and a critique of ideas of an older time. There is also footage of a cartoon-within-a-cartoon that seems very much in the style of Rocky và Bullwinkle that depicts a clichéd interpretation of Superman. It serves to open the debate of a simplistic viewpoint versus reality & how to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the evils of that reality. Shortly thereafter, anh kiệt battles Atomic Skull (the Joseph Martin version, for the other nerds like me who actually care about that sort of minutiae), and instead of killing him, anh kiệt sends him back khổng lồ prison at Stryker"s Island (the Metropolis super prison version of real-life New York"s Riker"s Island) rather than kill him. Anh hào then gives a press conference at the United Nations. This scene in particular is done well because it furthers and demonstrates the central ideological conflict of this film, that is should superheroes that possess sufficient nguồn right out kill criminals và other evil people and take along khổng lồ their own hands as opposed to lớn allowing the legal system khổng lồ determine và levy punishment. Anh dũng claims he is not judge, nor jury, nor executioner of anyone. This is a brilliant discussion of Superman"s principles & what he stands for & represents both to lớn his fictional world và to our real world.Not long after, anh kiệt encounters the Elite. The introductory scene of the elite is good, in that it shows that the Elite are both morally ambiguous and dangerous khổng lồ those whom they considered lớn be against them. At first, it seems the Elite are Superman"s allies, và they help him with a terrorist incident in England. The story that Manchester đen gives about his origins serves its purpose in being sympathetic, although it does seem fairly standard "tragic childhood backstory" for comic books. It quickly becomes apparent that not only are the Elite willing to use lethal force against their foes, they embrace it. This confrontation reaches a head during a battle between the fictional nations of Bialya & Pokolistan (which I assume to be real-world analogies to lớn nations lượt thích Israel and Palestine, or essentially any other extreme regime from the volatile nations of that region). I admit that this part of the film seems a little odd, in the sense that the weapons that these two nations use seem particularly bizarre unrealistic. However they don"t fully break my suspension of disbelief because I am familiar with this sort of thing and it"s fairly normal for comic book stories. In particular, it seems reminiscent of the extreme science fiction of the Silver Age. Shortly after that confrontation, the Elite challenge siêu anh hùng to a final fight, to lớn cement their assertion of their ideology over Superman"s. I won"t give away the details of the climax nor the ending, but I will say that this climactic battle is legitimately intense & actually frightening in some aspects. The film will get those were not familiar with this story to believe the things that they are seeing on screen.Another aspect of this film that I enjoyed is that there is a great dynamic between Clark Kent/Superman và Lois. At this point in the history of the comic books, they had been married for some time, and it shows here. They have good "couple banter" & Lois serves as a good confidant in Superman"s life and to balance his alter ego.For the most part, the DVD extras are very good. There is an interview with the writer, Joe Kelly, about his original comic book story & the characters of the Elite. He explains each one well and also he goes into more detail of the other comic book stories that they featured in. There is also a brilliant documentary that serves as a sort of philosophical treatise on the methodology & ideology of Superman and his role in both his fictional world in our real world. They bring in various experts from various fields to lớn discuss this idea both in context of the story & the realities of the real world. It fits brilliantly in with my overall feeling of this film và that it perfectly captures the character of Superman. Also as per the norm with these DC animated films, there are a few selected episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, although I may be mistaken, but I think one of them may have appeared before on a previous film release. Nonetheless, they"re both good episodes. There are also standard trailers. What negative thing I will say about the DVD extras is that it advertises a digital comic version of the original issue that the story is based on, but in only offers a preview of a few pages towards the kết thúc of the story. I was disappointed in this; I was expecting the full issue, but I was let down in that regard.Overall, I love this film. The animation & voice direction are superb, but what really nails it down is the story và the moral weight it carries. It is a brilliant discussion of Superman"s morality, and the place it holds in our national conscience. This film perfectly understands the character of Superman, something that I find a welcome reprieve when another recent live-action film, which shall remain unnamed, completely failed to vì this, in my opinion. I definitely recommend this to all fans of Superman and comics in general. This is the real Superman, và no other film that I"ve seen with him in it perfectly captures what it means khổng lồ be the Man of Steel like this film does.

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