After being loved as I.O.I member, Kim Sohye slowly drifted away from the music scene when the group disbanded và chose khổng lồ follow her initial dream. Six years after she parted ways with members, whatever happened to lớn her?

Kim Sohye in năm 2016 to 2022: Mnet "Produce 101," I.O.I Debut, Acting Career


In 2016, Kim Sohye was revealed to the public for the first time as a participant in Mnet"s "Produce 101." At the time, she was a trainee who represented Redline Entertainment.

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As she came from an acting company, Kim Sohye originally trained lớn become an actress. Thus, it was revealed that she had no prior experience in singing and dancing.

During the show, she was immediately loved by K-pop fans for her beauty, smile và adorable personality. Sohye even earned the nickname, "Penguin," after claiming that all humans came from the bird species.


(Photo : Kim Sohye (Kpop Wiki))

During the show, she particularly struggled due to lớn lacking in dance skills and became one of the trainees to lớn be scolded by trainer Bae Yoon Jung. But as the episode went on, she received the moniker, "Victory Fairy," after unleashing her full potential và finishing the show at No. 5.

In May 2016, Sohye, after 8 months of training, officially debuted as an idol under I.O.I. The group rose khổng lồ fame and became notable for hits, "Very Vey Very," "Whatta Man," và "Downpour."

Unfortunately, I.O.I was only a project girl group for a year, leading them lớn disband in 2017.

At the time, the idol didn"t return but terminated her contract with Redline Entertainment. Kim Sohye và her family created their own label instead. At a young age, Sohye became CEO of S&P Entertainment, which managed her idol và acting activities.


(Photo : Kim Sohye (Kpop Wiki))

As her original dream was khổng lồ become an actress, she left her career as a đứng top idol và pursued acting.

From 2017, she appeared in various web dramas, & small-screen projects, but it was only in 2020 that she was recognized as an actress for her mini-drama, "How to lớn Buy a Friend." Sohye was also loved for her work, "Her Bucket List," co-starring with na In Woo.

Unfortunately, she had to lớn stop working in 2021 after Sohye"s first controversy throughout her career appeared.

In February, a third tiệc nhỏ took to an online community that Sohye physically assaulted their classmate at a beach, leading her khổng lồ be dismissed from her position as vice president.

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(Photo : Kim Sohye (Kpop Wiki))

In July, Sohye"s bullying accusation turned out khổng lồ be false.

Despite that, she remained away from the limelight for a long time amid criticism.

Where Is Kim Sohye in 2023? Idol-Actress to lớn Make Acting Comeback With "Pure Boxer"

After about 2-year hiatus, Kim Sohye will be back in Septemberwith "Pure Boxer," a sports drama about a sports agent who was tasked to lớn bring a genius boxer back in the ring after 3 years.

Kim Sohye will play the role of Lee Kwon Sook, who became an elite boxer at the age of 17. She was a "genius," who never experienced losing, but she suddenly disappeared one day.

Kim Tae Young (Lee sang trọng Yeob) will then start his journey to bring back Lee Kwon Sook who already left her life as a boxer.

Kim Sohye, who participated as a presenter at the KBS Acting Awards in December 2022 also drew attention by confessing:

"I am currently learning boxing hard for the drama."

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Kim So Hye Profile: Kim So Hye Facts and Ideal Type

Kim So-hye is a South Korean actress signed under S&P Entertainment. She is best known for finishing fifth in Mnet’s K-pop girl group survival show Produce 101 and for being a thành viên of girl group I.O.I.

Stage Name: Sohye (소혜)Birth Name: Kim So Hye (김소혜)Birthday: July 19, 1999Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)Weight: 48 kilogam (106 lbs)Blood Type: AInstagram: 

Sohye facts:– She has a younger brother.– Her nickname is “Penguin”. (SNL Korea 7 – May 7, 2016)– Hobby: pickup trash as she walks, penguin collector.– Education: Kyunggi Girls’ High School.– Specialty: Ocarina, Volleyball.– Trainee Period: 1 year.– Specialty: Beatbox, Acting.– Weakness: too emotional; she has changed, although while in I.O.I, she had low self-confidence.– She is easily scared when having to go to lớn abandoned/haunted places.– Role Model: Chun Woo Hee (actress).– Coming from an acting company, So-hye was training lớn become an actress và had no experience in singing & dancing before joining Produce 101.– She also opened a coffee shop, Penguin’s Café, in Seocho District to provide a space where she & her agency could connect with fans.– She was a volleyball player in junior high, and won the National Junior High Title as a libero.– In June 2016, So-hye created her own management label, S&P (Shark & Penguin) Entertainment.– She was a host of Star Show 360 and currently hosts SBS trò chơi and EBS2 English Lecture Program which teaches students English khổng lồ prepare for the TOEIC exam.– She acted in a short drama called “Poetic Story”.– She also appeared in several music videos: The Ark – “The Light”, Jinlin Wang – “Goodbye School”, Ra.D – “Look Into Your Eyes”.– Company: Shark và Penguin Entertainment.

Kim So Hye Drama Series:Best Chicken | Choigoui Chikin MBN-Dramax 2019 – Seo Bo-AQueen of the Ring | MBC 2017 – cameo
Poetry Story| Mobidic 2017 – Ah Chim
Drama Special : Kang Deok-soon’s Love | KBS2 2017 – Kang Deok-soon
Unexpected Heroes |Naver Tv Cast 2017 – Lee Yoon-ji

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